Friday, February 23, 2007

Dehumanization of Celebrities

It seems the majority of people love dehumanizing something other than they are familiar with. Dehumanization is a powerful word. Merriam and Webster defines it as "deprivation of human qualities, personality or spirit". I would add to that definition "especially pertaining to other beings".
So there have been deaths, scandals, porn movies in this "kaliyug". One of the recent ones is the death of Anna Nicole Smith to still unconfirmed causes. (If the cause has been found, I apologize for not being up to date. ) Now many people have sympathy for her and especially for her young daughter. But an equal or even more proportion of people have anger and hatred for her. I agree that she does not quite have the talent to be an A-list celebrity. But she DIED. She was a human being with her own problems. Now I am not a psychologist and am not going to analyze her problems. Let others do that. But my point is if a person who has been in the public (albeit infamously) dies you should not come up with statements like "it's good that she died. Now there's one less useless person to eat up the resources of our earth."
Sick people might find humor in this. But to me, that comment has crossed the limit. There are thousands of other comments like that floating around in the internet. Internet has definitely helped me understand more of people in general. There are some extremely intelligent people, Sympathizing and able to discern the right from the wrong. While on the other extreme, are the ruthless, hidden-behind the-mask-of-anonymity cowards who like spreading filth and hatred.
I would be glad to have more of the first kind and less of the latter one. But the battle still rages on.


  1. Check, Check. नेपाली मा लेख्ने प्रयास गर्दैछु।

  2. उच्चतम लेख, उच्चतम भावना।

    सन्सारबाट विलिन भै सकेपछि निन्दा गर्नु कायर्‌को पराकाष्टा हो।
    hypocrisy, I think this word describes those kind of people.
    Celebrities have been the 'objects' of pleasure for a lot of people.
    I am sure that those people have had pleasure looking at her nude pictures.
    But they do not dare to admit that in public. Instead.

  3. Well..I haven't seen any of her nude pictures, but I have to admit that I have looked at some pictures and videos of other celebrities. :D

    On a side note, very interesting piece!