Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Valley Unearthed

Nāgdaha, the Valley Unearthed

So here I was rejuvenated from my stay at Lhasa. I was ready to venture forth into what lay around our abode. The elders had heard tales of a magnificient lake near the foothills of the snow mountains. After poring through some of the records, I and my fellow scholars had discovered its Sanskrit name to be Nāgdaha. I could reminisce stories from the elders about the foothills of the snow mountains. They had described lush vegetations, mild weather suited for the Kings and a diverse area of florals and fauna. After my morning prayer, I had a meeting with one of the eldest of travellers. He had been further than Nagdaha. As I sat in his humble abode, conversing, I felt through him.

He described to me, the civilization that lay beyond this river that he called the Indus River. He had gone there to get an official transcript of the Prajnaparamita which he and his students had meticulously translated from Pali to our language. He had travelled thousands of leagues and I slowly gathered all the information I could about Nāgdaha; for that was my destination.

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  1. I was at this place they called Shangri-La,
    Beautiful than Kashmir.

    Women and the Spring came together,
    But we are not into that,
    And it is thh Royal highness.

    Affirmative ac tion brings rewairds everyday.

    What do YOU think? SSSSSS