Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Valley Unearthed

Crunch Time

So I gathered data about my journey. My acquaintances asked me about the length of the journey. Ironically, I realized that I did not know myself. I had planned to make this an excursion. Only a mind refresher. But for some strange reason, I was heading down another path. I myself had little idea where this path led to. They asked me whether I intended to move to Nagdaha. Honestly, I had no answer to this even though I told them that I will come back again in several months.

I had always contained in myself a desire to start a new life. For here, I had realized that people had become too leisurely. Their life was easy...too easy. This marginality had tormented me throughout my adolescence. It had been invisibly suppressed through unseen prejudices.

After years of torment, in which I had surrendered and then risen countless times, never had I been able to brush this transparent marginality off. And as I gazed out into the milky sky, I realized that the wheel had already been set in motion. I only had to let go.


  1. do you have the time/concern to go through all these shite at once.


  2. all? u mean the all the articles in the blog?

  3. Yo man, you guys rock. Me is an asshole, just love to put few lines but not more than 50 words.

    Keep rolling buddies.