Monday, January 26, 2009

I just work hard

So I met a hair-dresser who works at a local shop and was admiring his brand new Mercedes Convertible and the following dialogue ensued.
Me: Hey, is that your car?
Him: Yes, it is.
Me: It's a very nice car dude. How much was it?
Him: About $50K.
Me: Cool!
(I am thinking whether I should ask him the following question but could not resist it)
How did you afford it?
"Him (indifferent smile) : I just work hard."
He parks it near where I work and I see it sitting there sexily through the window.


  1. For sure it needed a hard work. But of what sort??? :P

  2. He sure is "stimulating" the economy!

  3. all that work for a car (even if it's a $50K mercedes)!! some people have different priorities. there's a lot i could have accomplished with that money!

  4. well, here, the main point is not the car but the work!!
    Although the car is not that bad of a thing, life's short. indulging in some vanities is not a sin.
    thanks for watching.