Thursday, January 8, 2009

Musings Musings

What is the purpose of life? Or What is A purpose of life?
Or What is a purpose of life?
It's easy to get lost in the languages and the subtle capital letters.
It's easier to get lost in the higher level of abstract thoughts and ideas.
As a matter of fact, sometimes you might feel that you never even started.
Such is the complexity in its "simpleness".
Is there just one life or many lives? The idea of reincarnation
embraced by Hinduism and Buddhism collectively is interesting.
The idea of a person going to heaven or hell after one life embraced by the Christians, Muslims and the Jews as well is interesting (and straightforward) as well.
Although as I write it, I have to say, I find it much sillier than the previous belief held by Hinduism and Buddhism.
About life, I really have no idea at this point as to what it is for.
There possibly could be no purpose or there could be one, of trying to
make oneself happy/ joyful or perhaps a higher purpose of attaining nirvana or "moksh".
There's doubt and confusion everywhere in the seeming confidence of this persona.
Perhaps an elimination process might work better. More on that later.


  1. Elimination process? For what?

  2. Anon, Welcome to dandibiyo!
    I meant to use the elimination process to find out a/A/the purpose(s) of Life.
    Like we know for sure life's purpose is not to Hurt other beings (an easy one, that) so you can cross that off the list.
    Of course, this process is long but maybe that's the easiest way to find a set of things that life at least could be for.
    It is but only a thought.