Monday, January 26, 2009

So you want to help write the constitution of Nepal?

With all sincerity, please read it, and email them your thoughts: (If you do email, please post the message on this blog)

Here is an email forwarded by embassy of nepal

Community Leaders of the Nepalese community organizations/ NRN
office-bearers/ friends from media/ Nepali sisters and brothers living in
home and abroad

The Embassy is very pleased to inform you all that the Citizen Relations
Committee of the Constituent Assembly has appealed to all the Nepalese
living at home and abroad for their views/opinions on the concept and
content to be incorporated in the new constitution of Nepal.

Against this background, the Embassy takes this opportunity to request you
all to kindly help disseminate this information to the wider Nepalese
community with the aim of obtaining their views and suggestions as mentioned above.

The Embassy sincerely requests the friends from media to give due publicity
to this information in their regular broadcast and publications.

The Embassy will compile all the views and suggestions and will forward the
same to the Citizen Relations Committee of the Constituent Assembly.

Suggestions/views may kindly be sent to the Embassy's address (postal and
email) given below. If you need further information, please do not hesitate
to contact us.


Embassy of Nepal




  1. सानातिना मुद्दाहरु त यसै पनि समेटिनेछन् मेरो आशा छ । र मलाई सबैभन्दा मुख्य लाग्ने संघिएता सम्बन्धि हो। मेरो विचारमा नेपाललाई संघिय भन्दा चित्रबहादुरले भन्ने जस्तो स्थानिय सरकार किसिमको (municipal type) व्यबस्था बढि उपयुक्त हुनेछ तर यस विषयमा पहिले नै निर्णय भएको हुँदा म जति कुर्ले पनि केहि हुने वाला छैन भन्ने विचारका साथ खासै केहि सम्पर्क वा सुझाव दिने निधोमा म छैन।

    तर सह्रानिय कुरा त मान्नै पर्छ कि आम नागरिकलाइ सम्विधान निर्माण जस्तो विषयमा सामेल गर्ने प्रयास भइरहेछ ।