Monday, August 3, 2009

What I think sometimes...

What I think sometimes:

  • This belligerant focus and insights on the fights of Apple Vs Microsoft, Apple & AT&T Vs Google, Microsoft Vs Google Vs Yahoo or, Microsoft & Yahoo Vs Google etc. by media and bloggers alike are just nothing but tabloid magazines types of articles for technology. Can we hear about something actually meaty and substantial, world?

  • As dirty as politics is, why should it be dirty like this? Will the synonymity between dirty and politics ever disappear?

  • Is the world economy circular? The supposed wisdom is the world economy started with Agriculture and went on to Industry to Service and that's the top of the pyramid. My proposed "fooldom" is it's circular with a never ending loop. I call it "fooldom" for the specific reason that it is not based on any facts or evidence except on my own whim unlike Evolution (please don't call it Darwinism, please don't).

  • Recycle Recycle Recycle


  1. Google is going to take over the world! It all started with the Firefox revolution.

  2. I hope they do. Then I can have their good food every day.