Friday, December 18, 2009

Paradigm Shift

"When a paradigm shifts, everything hits zero" - Joel Barker

While used scientifically in this phrase, it can be generalized into any arena. It's a simple statement and hence, more powerful.

A shift in paradigm is a change in attitude towards an idea, entity etc. An ability to change your view including your perception is not a trivial task. But once achieved, it's tantalizing. Truth or the aysmptotic road towards the truth however bitter is priceless.

Once a paradigm shifts, you start from scratch. A lush valley to be shaped, a lake to be transformed, a mountain to be climbed.

Some choose to transform it, shape it and climb it. Some never reach it. Some refuse to change their paradigm and stay clogged to their ears, eyes and minds. Some stray free and some after reaching the valley, the lake, the mountain, choose to let it be.

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