Friday, December 4, 2009



Some days, some people make decisions.
They seem harsh. Crude. Emotion-driven.
Motivated by hatred. Anger.
The next day when it all comes down to.
It's refreshing. Wonderful.

How a day makes a difference.

It is not the length of the day.
It is the comfort in the mind.
The inevitability of the circumstance.
The immovability of the decision that prompts.

A breaking of a friendship with one.
Tragedy occurs.
A slow kindle is blazed.
Celebration begins.
They go hand in hand.

This decision is fueled by wisdom.
Much sought after but rarely realized.
Kudos to them who have such realization, such wisdom, such patience.

Discretion between such wisdom and a random action is a skill.
A wisdom in itself, requiring such qualities as well.
Kudos to them who have such discretion, such wisdom, such patience.

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