Monday, October 25, 2010

Land of the Yeti

There are many things one can use to represent its country. If you ask anyone about it, one might probably think of things his/her nation created. The Americans might say their corporate ways, the massive great wall and large scale production for the Chinese, Indians might say the ayurveda, and their skilled IT workforce, the Germans their cars, and high tech machinery. With each country having their own specialty; the list is endless.
Now speaking in context of Nepal, that is if I were to represent my own country how would I do it. With the savagery of the khukuri? The might of the Gurkha? The great Himalayas? The birthplace of Buddha?
Or will it be this unheard, rarely used word "the Yeti"?
Yeti suggests a magical creature, sighting of and encounter with the mystical yeti is not uncommon. Almost a year ago, an American expedition near the Everest base camp found a foot print which they claimed to be that of the yeti.
The Himalayas has long been known to be the homeland of the yeti, vivid description of encounters with an immensely fast, strong, dark man like creature is often heard. And if you ask anyone in these regions about the existence of the yeti they will definitely have something to tell you whether it be an anecdote or folklore. And when asked why with all the profound evidence no one has yet captured a yeti, I was told the yeti possesses supernatural powers.
Bizarre as it sounds with all the fantasy and no facts proving the existence of the yeti, what has compelled people in believing in the yeti? How did it even come into being, and why even the wisest of people believe in it. Late Sir Edmund Hillary was convinced that a creature such as the yeti exists and even reported seeing one in his Everest expedition.
Nepal is one of the smallest countries in the world, with its meager contribution to the world economy and added by the fact that it is mostly hills, mountains and deep dark forests. Nepal is a dot in the world map. Few people in the world know of it, few people know of its beauty and the others who have heard of its deep deadly crevices, savage rivers that carve their way through the misty mountains to the sunny plains, ultimately gave Nepal an identity. It became a mystery.
This mystery has been well woven to bring many mysterious creatures to life. Stories of whirling wind in unclimbed mountains, large wandering beasts of burden, undiscovered cascades giving rock faces new, shapes and people’ imagination have only added to this mystery and without any doubt found magical stones of power, mythological artifacts, God itself and maybe the yeti too.
I believe the Yeti is part of that mystery that was shaped from the very foundation of a nation and the people that live in it. It is a surreal mystery that seems so true because of Nepal’s geography, its people, and how Nepal is perceived to be by the outsiders, the mystical land of the yeti.

-Sajin Rajbhandary

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Death of the Mind

Everything is a cycle. Yes, that toaster oven is actually a transport vehicle called a cycle. I kid.

As cycles go, perhaps we are at the low ebb of the intellectual war per se.
The aforementioned war being that of trusting and revering the intellect as opposed to the mistrust yet awe and demise of the intellect for the inferior enjoyment of the body and passiveness of the intellect.
To truly live in the intellect, one doesn't have to ignore the physical world. He can still revel in the physical world.
However, to truly live in the intellect is to be the greatest skeptic. Oh, what a pain for the friends and acquaintances of such a person, it would be. To feel like being poked and bombarded with sardonic arrows all day would be at the very least humbling if not violently repulsive. One would almost have to be an emotional masochist to bear such behavior. No wonder, it's not bothered by many.

Using the mind is a nuisance sometimes. Yet it is not a luxury to some. Sometimes, its necessity itself bores the user.
The silence ensued could be suspicious for suspicious minds.
It could be mysterious for inquiring minds.
It could be despicable for despicable minds.
It is just there, in the end.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I acted and behold,....

I was awake that night and had not
slept at all;
and fumbling thoughts were passing by as I
dreamt drunken dreams
that left me supine and awake thinking about
life that
was left in us and the

I observed and simply
awoke from my slumber
and as I did, I
saw a clear shimmering light
that danced by the glass windows with a
life of its own which
was without cause or

I felt around and the light
acted as if it saw me
and left its shimmer but
behold, it was just an act;
duty was looking as
was a trail that was

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Average of obliviousness

Average of obliviousness

And he said in all earnestness "I f'king hate negative people."

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It doesn't matter what you do, it only matters what you say you've done and what you're going to do.
- Slashdot

Adieu l'Emile I liked you
Adieu l'Émile I liked you you know
We sang the same wines
We sang the same girls
We sang the same sorrows
Adieu l'Emile I die
It's hard to die in spring you know
But I'm going with the flowers of peace in the soul
Because since you're good as white bread
I know you take care of my wife
I want you to laugh
I want you to dance
I want to have a hell
I want you to laugh
I want you to dance
When you put me in the hole

Adieu Curé I liked you
Goodbye Father you know I liked you
It was not the same side
It was not the same way
But we tried the same port
Goodbye Father I die
Is hard to die in spring you know
But I go to the flowers of peace in the soul
Because since you were his confidant
I know that you'll take care of my wife
I want you to laugh
I want you to dance
I want to have a hell
I want you to laugh
I want you to dance
When you put me in the hole

Farewell Anthony I didn't like you much
Farewell Anthony I didn't like you, you know
I'm dying to die today
While thou art alive
And even stronger than boredom
Adieu l'Antoine I die
It's hard to die in spring you know
But I'm going with the flowers of peace in the soul
Because since you were her lover
I know that you'll take care of my wife
I want you to laugh
I want you to dance
I want to have a hell
I want you to laugh
I want you to dance
When you put me into the hole

Farewell my wife, I liked you
Farewell my wife, I liked you you know
But I take the train for God
I take the train that is before yours
But it takes all we can train
Farewell my wife I'm dying
It's hard to die in spring you know
But I'm going with my eyes closed flowers my wife
Because I've seen that often closed
I know that you'll take care of my soul
I want you to laugh
I want you to dance
I want to have a hell
I want you to laugh
I want you to dance
When you put me in the hole

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It is, isn't it?

Like little kids trying to explain the phenomenon of let's say, Propagation of Light or Monetary policy of a certain nation or let's say, the musical composition of Bach, they write news.

They whine about losing. They whine about evils of a corporation like there was no tomorrow.

A goal that was reached or not. A whistle that blew even before the goal was "reached".
That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that you-don't-know-what-the-fuck-you-are-talking-about.

Half can't even answer a question about an unjustified entry into the battle arena; but all can relate to and condemn a neutral judge for lashing out apparently.

Because the world is against you, that's all it matters in your tiny prism. In your limbic-fucking brain. The limbic self lives on strong.

It's getting old.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Let's not complicate our relationship by trying to communicate with each other.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It struck

Twinkle in the eye
Playful banter
Happy and shy
Dark. No matter

Marnie, it struck
Like wind to a sail
Together they walk
Lively and pale

Standing still
In front, a light
Voice empty and shrill
Growing beautiful and bright

All in all
Moments arrive
No unpleasant fall
Away they drive

Thursday, April 8, 2010

People need to be more informed

It bothers me when people are incapable of forming or articulating coherent rational thoughts. It is mainly because most of them are ill informed. There are five different types of people in the world. First of two of those types are the same, so that makes it only three types of people: people who know what the h*ll they are talking about, and those who do not.

I mean, what the fuck!?

A recent research done by the scientists of the Department of Sociology at the University of West Carolina found that 65% of people make up or incorrectly quote statistics when they are trying to make a point in a discussion. Out of these b*llshitters, only 30% of them will ever admit to doing so! That means 95% people in our society are just lying to us. Fucking hypoc**tes!

The reason why b*llshitting runs rampant in our world is because people are not very well informed. If they are well informed, they will be able to call people out when they are br*infarting. For example, if someone says to you, ‘Galileo was not all that smart before he was hit in the head by an orange.’ You should be able to say, ‘Shut the fuck up, you stupid m**therfucker! He was hit by an apple!’

The problem lies in this culture of misinformation. There is no easy way to differentiate between what is true and what is false. Misinformed people end up misinforming more people. As more people feed on that false information, it becomes an universally accepted truth. This is what Albert Einstein explained as the ‘vicious cycle of misinformation’ in the epilogue to his book, ‘The Special Theory of Quantum Mechanics’. I can give you an historic example of this vicious cycle. Ancient Egyptian knew that earth was spherical. However around 50 BC, Plato introduced the concept of 'a flat earth' to his disciples, Socrates and Heraclitus, who popularized the concept to the Roman civilization. It was not until Christopher Columbus set out on his historic voyage in 1294 AD that people realized the earth was in fact perfectly spherical.

Now there is the guy you can trust, Christopher Columbus! He falls into that remaining 5% category. He would never try to bend the truth to suit his own agenda.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I fleet

Oooh, I wanted that phone so bad. And I got it the first day it came out.
My life changed. I buy applications for my phone.
I check my email on the go.
I check my stocks and see it rise :) and fall :( .

I leave reviews on websites about my phone, the applications that made me happy or made me sad.
I leave reviews about my life.
A half an hour, that's all I can give you, I tell my friends without any guilt and with doe eyes.
I am full of energy during the day. Only because of the morning coffee.
I am full of energy during the night. Only because of the energy drink I bought at the 24 hour grocery store.

My life is so organized. I keep track of my daily schedule and tasks.
I keep track of all my friends through the internet.
Emails fly in and shoot out. I live on the go.

I work out every other day. I look good, I think. There is no time for myself or for others.
There's only time for my device and my work.

I won't leave an impression when I fly.
I would not have lived fully when I die.
I realize where this might be headed.

I am not dumb, at least not as much as I used to be.
I just go with the flow.
And the water sometimes drops into a frenzied end.
Roaring down like the Niagara Falls.

I take a chance and hope it's a lake instead.
It's quite a gamble. I know.
Tomorrow's another day and I will not back down.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A simple Thought

it doesn't matter whether you become rich

Or end up in the street

It doesn't matter whether people remain aloof in your presence

or search for you in your absence

It doesn't matter you spend every night at home

Or out having fun

what matters is at the point of death whether you are desireless or full of regret

for at that moment you will long for the things you are doing right now

the sound of rain the tender touch of white snow

so let the reins of your life go

let it run free

it will work out someday somehow

not now but someday you will know.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Age of Empires: Conquerors

Conquering yourself is the precedent to truly conquer your life. Only after each alley in your dark pathways has been hosed down, will a true mingling of the mind, heart and action begin. The beginning of the completed conquest is in itself an end. I say that because, to this entity, possibilities are boundless.

The end result itself is a sign to the difficulty of this task. How can you conquer something completely if you don’t know about it completely? Granted you might get lucky and conquer an area in your life. As many life stories have shown, people get successful in one area of their lives and face ruinations in many other areas.
Leaving it to luck is an art; an art of deceit on yourself, although certainly not a novelty.

The real question, granted that the presumptions are accepted with scrutiny or without, is “How do you know yourself completely and go towards the path to conquering yourself and conquer/ leave it to your new self to do his/her deeds?”
In a most sweeping generalization, this will require patience, observation and time. The earlier two qualities/virtues are under our control. Time unfortunately is not. In a way, time is inversely related to the effort, patience and observation developed.

Individually though, it depends on the clarity in the person’s mind and the elevation in the person’s being. Knowing oneself hence, is an exercise that has to be done with precision, scrutiny and focus.

Afterwards, conquering oneself has the same requirements as the knowing oneself but with the added element of self-trust. Self-trust stems from a healthy self-esteem which is the result of experience, practice and positive reinforcements from the person and outside agents.

To conquer, one has to have a leap of faith in the most beginning stages. Once that bridge has been crossed, the process is on its path to completion. And the leap of faith requires trusting oneself and most likely in some cases, no matter what one encounters.

Conquering oneself in such ways non-inclusively of course, one can be truly free and truly apply themselves. Being deceitful and trying to rely on luck is a short-term method which is bound to cause pain and undue stress, no matter what success one may see for an ephemeral amount of time.

Another question that comes to mind is the degree of the conquest. Let's leave it as trying to be "beautifully imperfect."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walking Barefoot

This is a story of a man obsessed.
The beauty took his breath away, and he was in awe all day.

The Easy going ways. The summer came sunny side up.The Company was quite relaxing and He thought walking barefoot along the sand was quite the magic.
He really didn't plan to stay.

He saw that it would be sad to see it all come to an end.
"Why can't we all just quit from all this wishing and go down to doing?" he asked himself.

He said that he will go where the wind blows him. "Freedom" he asked for into the coastal ease. The chance of "freedom" being overrated; at least, that was the chance he took.