Sunday, February 14, 2010

Age of Empires: Conquerors

Conquering yourself is the precedent to truly conquer your life. Only after each alley in your dark pathways has been hosed down, will a true mingling of the mind, heart and action begin. The beginning of the completed conquest is in itself an end. I say that because, to this entity, possibilities are boundless.

The end result itself is a sign to the difficulty of this task. How can you conquer something completely if you don’t know about it completely? Granted you might get lucky and conquer an area in your life. As many life stories have shown, people get successful in one area of their lives and face ruinations in many other areas.
Leaving it to luck is an art; an art of deceit on yourself, although certainly not a novelty.

The real question, granted that the presumptions are accepted with scrutiny or without, is “How do you know yourself completely and go towards the path to conquering yourself and conquer/ leave it to your new self to do his/her deeds?”
In a most sweeping generalization, this will require patience, observation and time. The earlier two qualities/virtues are under our control. Time unfortunately is not. In a way, time is inversely related to the effort, patience and observation developed.

Individually though, it depends on the clarity in the person’s mind and the elevation in the person’s being. Knowing oneself hence, is an exercise that has to be done with precision, scrutiny and focus.

Afterwards, conquering oneself has the same requirements as the knowing oneself but with the added element of self-trust. Self-trust stems from a healthy self-esteem which is the result of experience, practice and positive reinforcements from the person and outside agents.

To conquer, one has to have a leap of faith in the most beginning stages. Once that bridge has been crossed, the process is on its path to completion. And the leap of faith requires trusting oneself and most likely in some cases, no matter what one encounters.

Conquering oneself in such ways non-inclusively of course, one can be truly free and truly apply themselves. Being deceitful and trying to rely on luck is a short-term method which is bound to cause pain and undue stress, no matter what success one may see for an ephemeral amount of time.

Another question that comes to mind is the degree of the conquest. Let's leave it as trying to be "beautifully imperfect."

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