Saturday, March 6, 2010

I fleet

Oooh, I wanted that phone so bad. And I got it the first day it came out.
My life changed. I buy applications for my phone.
I check my email on the go.
I check my stocks and see it rise :) and fall :( .

I leave reviews on websites about my phone, the applications that made me happy or made me sad.
I leave reviews about my life.
A half an hour, that's all I can give you, I tell my friends without any guilt and with doe eyes.
I am full of energy during the day. Only because of the morning coffee.
I am full of energy during the night. Only because of the energy drink I bought at the 24 hour grocery store.

My life is so organized. I keep track of my daily schedule and tasks.
I keep track of all my friends through the internet.
Emails fly in and shoot out. I live on the go.

I work out every other day. I look good, I think. There is no time for myself or for others.
There's only time for my device and my work.

I won't leave an impression when I fly.
I would not have lived fully when I die.
I realize where this might be headed.

I am not dumb, at least not as much as I used to be.
I just go with the flow.
And the water sometimes drops into a frenzied end.
Roaring down like the Niagara Falls.

I take a chance and hope it's a lake instead.
It's quite a gamble. I know.
Tomorrow's another day and I will not back down.

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