Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Death of the Mind

Everything is a cycle. Yes, that toaster oven is actually a transport vehicle called a cycle. I kid.

As cycles go, perhaps we are at the low ebb of the intellectual war per se.
The aforementioned war being that of trusting and revering the intellect as opposed to the mistrust yet awe and demise of the intellect for the inferior enjoyment of the body and passiveness of the intellect.
To truly live in the intellect, one doesn't have to ignore the physical world. He can still revel in the physical world.
However, to truly live in the intellect is to be the greatest skeptic. Oh, what a pain for the friends and acquaintances of such a person, it would be. To feel like being poked and bombarded with sardonic arrows all day would be at the very least humbling if not violently repulsive. One would almost have to be an emotional masochist to bear such behavior. No wonder, it's not bothered by many.

Using the mind is a nuisance sometimes. Yet it is not a luxury to some. Sometimes, its necessity itself bores the user.
The silence ensued could be suspicious for suspicious minds.
It could be mysterious for inquiring minds.
It could be despicable for despicable minds.
It is just there, in the end.

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