Monday, March 14, 2011

I most likely don't

As Nicholas strayed down the path of petals barefoot with the morning dew shimmering and the leaves trembling in the graceful breeze, he stopped. He glanced and fixated on a lotus flower in the center of the green pond. A green frog lay on one of the lotus leaves and just as Nicholas was pulling away his gaze, the shiny green frog dove into the pond. Nicholas looked back into the lotus. There were drops of moisture on the flower just reflecting the morning sun. The morning freshness was flagrantly displayed today.

This short break was distracting. And it was enticing for his mildly distressed mind. "I most likely don't care about what he said," he told himself recalling a hurtful comment one of his friends had said in a flippant way. As comical as the comment was presented to be, it lacked the wit nor the humor that needed to compensate for the severity of offense in the comment. Nicholas really didn't care but felt the need to justify that he didn't care. He was wasting his time. Hence, he most likely was a fool.

He continued on his path of petals into a trail, the color of hay.

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