Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A peril and a gloomy yet salvageable paradox

Passion. It's not enough to just have passion. The passion has to be about something.
Just being passionate is a blissful and fitful state. As a ship without a sail or a rudder, this person will set sail. They will find something and be "useful". Yet there's a certain level of vacuousness in this person. Being passionate about something is a more complete way. Risky but much less vacuous and much more fulfilling in a true way.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Valley Unearthed

The Golden Sword

As the wheels turned, and the clouds turned white and gray then disappeared altogether, I felt a breeze.

After a pause, I took a long, deep breath and closed my eyes. The freshness was lovely because it was the air just after the rain. It was almost as lovely as the air before the rain, I thought. The only thing missing was the inspiring anticipation.

From my stance, as my graying hair danced with the swirling breeze in a gentle beat, I opened my eyes. The rays of light met my gaze and I saw. The light also saw me.

Today was the day I was starting my journey.

In my bag, I had packed some medicine, grain to last me two weeks, some gold, my writing materials and my sword. As the sword glinted in the setting sun, I saw a tranquil golden hue as if it were a golden sword.