Saturday, May 26, 2012

Things that I shall very much without doubt do

This is somewhat of a personal post. But I feel like I should declare it to any readers out there. (Feel free to drop by and say "Hi" and not just lurk please)

I have delved into minimalism and I think about minimalist principles and simplicity many times every day.
My physical clutter is still not that too minimal but it's getting there. My mental clutter is also not that minimal and there needs to be more work done in that arena.

Here are the actions that I will take to counter my physical and mental clutter classified respectively:

To diminish physical clutter:

1) Throw out all non-functioning materials tomorrow (books, some bags, clothes)
2) Sell some unused stuff like my golf club set (I wonder what bit me to take that purchase)
3) Do some spring cleaning

To diminish mental clutter:
1) Continue daily meditation. (It's my 21st day with formal meditation and I can call myself a meditator now. I love doing it just before sleeping.) I have always meditated on issues before but a structure now is nice.
2) Minimize online social networking (to twice a day). Not only the blatant misuse of time, but the incoming information distracts one from work.
3) Start writing more on the meditation journal (yes, with pen and paper).
4) Many more

As I write this post, I realize that my mental clutter far exceeds my physical clutter. The last year has made me a very tidy person.

I also realize I need to take some drastic steps to further alleviate my mental clutter.

Some steps I will implement this week:

  1. Get away from the internet once a week. Let's call it the Internet-Closeout Day or ICD.
  2. Check email and online social networking sites once or twice a day the rest of the week (non-ICD ).
  3. Check news once every three days. I really don't think anything significant happens. If it's very important I will hear it through facebook, google plus, email, phone call, text messaging, holy mother of god, how many communication protocols do we need!!!
  4. Thinking about 3, cut back some communication protocols? (not too certain about this)
  5. Take meditation to another level very soon. :)
  6. Run more, do body weight exercises more, eat better food. Yes, these are really physiological choices but the effects of these choices are very much mental as well as physical so I have put them here. It's a curve ball.
  7. I think, that's good for now. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Builder's work

There's three categories that I can categorize my activities in.

1. Consuming
2. Learning
3. Creating

1. Consuming is a process of consuming information, entertainment. I stare blankly at a screen and veg out. Most activities throughout my life and probably others as well, fall under this category. Watching programs on the screen, reading most news items, listening to music are some of the consumption activities.

2. Learning is a process of filling up my knowledge base that can be incorporated for productive work (creation). Reading informative websites (some blogs fall under this category, science/engineering journals, music tablature, music creation readings), school work, interaction with professors, teachers are some of the learning items. I spend a lower amount in these learning activities.

3. Creating is a process of building something out of my learning process. It's a rare form of activity and very few people engage in it. Most people are stuck doing most of consuming and while some people engage in learning and consuming. Creating and making a successful website, creating a song, creating a theory to live your life on are some of the creating activities.

A lot of activities are a mixture of learning and creating, many are a mixture of consuming and learning. I am focusing a lot on the latter two lately. Learning and Creating.

I hope this will exponentially increase and I will have created something worthwhile.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The home on the tree

And there is this tree house located right in the middle of the city. As in any city, this house is a part of a a dense array of houses. The rest of the houses, however, are your normal looking houses.

I am apparently the inhabitant of this tree house. I tie my bicycle on a pole right near the tree. I didn't realize that I owned a bike until that moment.

There's this mysterious series of steps I have to climb. As I go up, I see that my tree house has a door but I can't seem to reach it. Perhaps I don't want to use it to go into my tree house.

So I see myself eyeing the window. A tree house with a door and a big window. I realize that this is a big tree house.So I jump to hang onto the window before I can fling myself in. But before I jump, I look down. I see that, if I fall, I will probably get injured or worse. I find it quite funny now in my dream. Wait, am I dreaming? I don't know. Maybe I am but I like it. It doesn't matter whether it's a dream or not.

Ok. So I lunge up with a spider-like gait. There. I am hanging on the window. I fling myself in. I am in my tree house. I don't have a memory of being in here before but I know that I live here and that perhaps I even built this tree house with my own hands. I see a hardwood floor on the tree house, polished dark-brown. My living quarters are bigger that I imagine. I see that I have been living here for a while looking at my stock of furniture, books, my bed and what is that, a TV. I peer out my window to check on my bike.

It's quite humorous and weird, this whole situation. I have a pole for a bike station and I live comfortably in a tree house in the middle of a bustling city. On top of that, I have to go through some fucking aerobics to even get into my place. It must be a dream, some voice whispers from the sky.

Then I remember why I am here. I came to pick up some outerwear, most likely, my warm, blue jacket for the party. I also remember my friends are waiting for me down there. I look out the window a second time. I see them, talking among themselves happily. Well, time to do some aerobics to get out of my tree house again .