Monday, May 14, 2012

Builder's work

There's three categories that I can categorize my activities in.

1. Consuming
2. Learning
3. Creating

1. Consuming is a process of consuming information, entertainment. I stare blankly at a screen and veg out. Most activities throughout my life and probably others as well, fall under this category. Watching programs on the screen, reading most news items, listening to music are some of the consumption activities.

2. Learning is a process of filling up my knowledge base that can be incorporated for productive work (creation). Reading informative websites (some blogs fall under this category, science/engineering journals, music tablature, music creation readings), school work, interaction with professors, teachers are some of the learning items. I spend a lower amount in these learning activities.

3. Creating is a process of building something out of my learning process. It's a rare form of activity and very few people engage in it. Most people are stuck doing most of consuming and while some people engage in learning and consuming. Creating and making a successful website, creating a song, creating a theory to live your life on are some of the creating activities.

A lot of activities are a mixture of learning and creating, many are a mixture of consuming and learning. I am focusing a lot on the latter two lately. Learning and Creating.

I hope this will exponentially increase and I will have created something worthwhile.

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