Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The home on the tree

And there is this tree house located right in the middle of the city. As in any city, this house is a part of a a dense array of houses. The rest of the houses, however, are your normal looking houses.

I am apparently the inhabitant of this tree house. I tie my bicycle on a pole right near the tree. I didn't realize that I owned a bike until that moment.

There's this mysterious series of steps I have to climb. As I go up, I see that my tree house has a door but I can't seem to reach it. Perhaps I don't want to use it to go into my tree house.

So I see myself eyeing the window. A tree house with a door and a big window. I realize that this is a big tree house.So I jump to hang onto the window before I can fling myself in. But before I jump, I look down. I see that, if I fall, I will probably get injured or worse. I find it quite funny now in my dream. Wait, am I dreaming? I don't know. Maybe I am but I like it. It doesn't matter whether it's a dream or not.

Ok. So I lunge up with a spider-like gait. There. I am hanging on the window. I fling myself in. I am in my tree house. I don't have a memory of being in here before but I know that I live here and that perhaps I even built this tree house with my own hands. I see a hardwood floor on the tree house, polished dark-brown. My living quarters are bigger that I imagine. I see that I have been living here for a while looking at my stock of furniture, books, my bed and what is that, a TV. I peer out my window to check on my bike.

It's quite humorous and weird, this whole situation. I have a pole for a bike station and I live comfortably in a tree house in the middle of a bustling city. On top of that, I have to go through some fucking aerobics to even get into my place. It must be a dream, some voice whispers from the sky.

Then I remember why I am here. I came to pick up some outerwear, most likely, my warm, blue jacket for the party. I also remember my friends are waiting for me down there. I look out the window a second time. I see them, talking among themselves happily. Well, time to do some aerobics to get out of my tree house again .

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