Thursday, June 28, 2012

I burnt my tongue

"How beautiful!" they exclaimed. They lavished their praise, their attention and their money to the beauty that they saw. The somewhat unintentional acquired beauty of the figure.

"As he burnt his tongue and turned around from uncertain sounds, he floated from sea to sea. He realized it wasn't him. It just wasn't in him to admire what they admired. He saw a hollow shell with a dangling frame with a golden top. He lost his ground yet had his way. He kept them at bay and left where he laid."

In his Private world, he saw what he was always asked to see but didn't want to see. Why now? He saw it had to be now, tonight and exactly at that moment. It was a perfect moment.

He saw that he had arisen some time ago now. He wondered why he saw that now. He saw he had to see it now, tonight and exactly at that moment. It was a perfect moment for the revelation.

He saw the camaraderie of the informants and the spies who admired the gladiators for the people in the arena. What a sight? How beautiful again! He refused to believe in the passivity, the vegetative state of an audience of false gods and demi-gods. Being an audience of his own life, he could barely tolerate. Now, to be expected to be an audience of these warriors and their ways, he found very intolerable. The informants sent ravens to the audience about the importance of playing their part.

"Don't rise!", the ravens cawed.

He took an arrow and aimed it Right at the raven's heart and the glass shattered into a million pieces, he saw in his heart. He had risen some time ago or so he suspected.

He was fearful though but not in the way of the raven's ending.

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