Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some atmospheric lines in my head not directed at anyone in particular

"Your need to understand me* at the briefest of glances and the supposed complete understanding of me in that time presumes many dangerous ideas. One is that of complete confidence and omniscience in yourself and your perspective, in the characters and personalities of other people and of yourself. That itself is quite unlikely but not impossible. However, it is very improbable considering your own bearing. Another is that of the ease of understanding other's psyche, intentions and the like by those brief verbal and minuscule non-verbal interactions. When prying and investigating in those terms, you would primarily be in the realm of speculation. While your instinct might be honed sufficiently enough, your understanding most likely is not deep enough nor tangible. Unless you have a flexible mind and heart, you would have created an illusion or more specifically, a delusion.

Besides the presentation of these dangerous ideas, even the need to suppose a complete understanding of me is questionable. It is quite unnecessary and fickle use of your time. What is there to be gained, except to ease suspicions of your own feeble mind? If you and I are made of the atoms, molecules and heavenly materials, you should rest assured that you and I share mostly identical material. You can argue that your curiosity was sparked to gain a deeper understanding in human tendencies, intentions, good will and the like. I will dismiss that argument again by your own bearing, which would then start reeking of a need to feed your own ego voraciously during most of your living moments."

*The reference to myself is a general reference and applies to everyone.

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