Thursday, October 4, 2012

Suspend and Extinguish Thy Judgment

I have been been finding out that when you suspend your judgment, you live in life's essence. For a most unfettered mindset, suspend your judgment.

My thoughts illustrated with an example or a thought experiment:

If you come across an irate driver honking at you while you are simply waiting for your friend to get off your car, don't judge him to be an idiot. Or don't judge yourself to be an idiot for blocking other people. So, here the point is simply not to judge. The point is not to be right or wrong. To be more explicit, you maybe right in judging the irate driver to be an idiot. Or, you may be right in judging yourself idiotic to hold up traffic at a seemingly busy intersection.

By not judging, you do at least two things. One, you don't go the route of "right" Vs "wrong" for an irrelevant situation. Two, you free your mind.

On a bigger more abstract level, suspending and extinguishing your judgment accomplishes a less of "me" centered approach to life. Empathy is a natural result in this approach. So, is an appreciation of all within you and without you.

On a practical level, at your work, with your colleagues, you will be deemed as someone with a higher EQ (emotional quotient).

On a spiritual level, you become less you and yet a better you.

- Thoughts of a tired Nitish

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