Wednesday, November 14, 2012


When there's a lot of possessions, does it make sense to pare down? The question cannot be answered without context. A simple "yes" or "no" will mislead you. One could have a lot of needs that need those possessions, in which case you would answer "no". One could be an absolute hoarder, in which you would answer a resounding "yes".

When there's a lot, and you know, you have too much, does it make sense to pare down? Well, "yes".
However, there's still a catch. What do you pare down? How do you decide if two dressers are not necessary, or those white pants that you bought from Gap, one day because you thought you would wear a white suit some day and it cost only $3 should not be kept. There is always a chance that you need something. How do you decide to take that chance regardless? It gets fuzzy. People get creative, it seems. There's some famous people (on the internet) who store those possessions for a couple of months and if they have not been taken out at all, it is decided that you don't actually use it. It is disposed of, to charity, or sold or just given away. It's a good strategy. Still, though, what works with clothes, won't work with some electronics, or books, or natural disasters. It gets fuzzy.

It can only get as fuzzy though as your mind is fuzzy. That's a very obvious statement. However, how do you make it less fuzzy, it being your mind and its decision making prowess, a superpower in some circles? The answer is through deliberate practice and meditation. It's a long and winding road of plateaus, lakes, mountains, amazing and maybe terrible scenery. The road itself could be a terrible metaphor. Where would you be going if it's stated that all is in you as all is in me (Namaste)?

If there is no road, where would a traveler even go? There is nowhere to travel to. Since we are asking these questions, who is this traveler? Is he even there? Does he exist? I pinch myself. I exist. Do you exist? I wave at you and you smile back. You exist. Where should we go? Maybe the question is not one of "should" but one of "could"? That could be dangerous. It's probably a mixture of "should" and "could".

Let's just go, though. to the inside or the outside.
You can wear that "khasto" that keeps you warm. Its pashmina grazing you in the fresh air from the Himals. I will wear my Navy-blue jacket, that I fancy makes me looks like a stylish Navy guy.