Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Streams of Thought

Two streams of thought in my head:


Devendra Banhart, an artist, said,  "I hate irony. This is a cynical time, everything is a joke. Love, Peace, Strength, Beauty, Divinity – all jokes to people. It's the Darkages".

Where do I stand in this post-modern time. I lean towards Banhart's views. But really, a cynic is just an idealist who was disappointed. The line is fine and hence the distinction, while important perhaps for self-understanding, is not altogether distant.


I came across this quote by Krishnamurti while researching something else entirely and I am not familiar with him at this moment. This quote however is interesting in its comparison to a very familiar circumstance in many people's lives and academic matters, that of the solution itself seeping into being a part of the problem. 

Approximately, I am talking in the same vein as I wrote this post called "A Sub-Conscious Trap" here at dandibiyo, some time ago.

Krishnamurti said, "Thought has separated itself as the analyzer and the thing to be analyzed; they are both parts of thought playing tricks upon itself. In doing all this it is refusing to examine the unconscious fears; it brings in time as a means of escaping fear and yet at the same time sustains fear."

Four lines, yet these words are a Concorde to my bicycle. Or are they? 

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