Sunday, June 1, 2014

Attention = Money

In the world of entertainment, viewers decide who gets compensated for what amount of money.

Look at professional sports. A top baseball player, a top basketball player, or more visibly, a top soccer player (in the highest leagues of respective sports) command hundreds of millions of dollars in income and endorsement money.

While it may be unfair according to some people, or fair and well-deserved according to some people, the reason behind such money flowing into them is interesting. It's because of viewers, the attention-hours of collective that the general people spend watching the sports on TV or in the actual stadium venues.

Attention Hours from Viewers therefore is being converted into Income for the professional players.

It may not be so clear or visible but the more attention that people give to the games, the higher the ratings and more companies and corporations want to place their products for the same viewers (in the form of advertisements and product placements). It is actually quite impressive: the efficient and smooth machinery of unfettered capitalism at work. Don't blame capitalism though, since it is just a system.

The same can be applied to movies, newspapers, blogs, apps, start up companies and so on. This sort of efficient capitalism at work can be seen mostly in the entertainment economy.

My 2 cents.