Monday, July 11, 2016

The Folly of Anti-Thesis

Symmetry is beautiful. I used to do things four times when I was a kid as I saw symmetry in that number. People in general love symmetry. Having a symmetrical face. Having a symmetrical house. Even cities are designed symmetrically.

However, as we extend it to the abstract, we look at symmetry in ideas. An antithetical approach is useful in contrasting and remembering ideas. While an analytical approach is the real, true understanding of an idea that stands on its own. Symmetry is misleading in this case as it asks us to compare two ideas at an equal balance. Good Vs Evil. Strong Vs Weak. Liberal Vs Conservative. For a true evaluation of even these instances, it is clear in some cases like Good Vs Evil that Good wins out handily. In some cases, symmetry has clouded our judgement beyond repair at this point (Liberal Vs Conservative). In those cases in particular, I am vouching for a more evolved framework to evaluate the ideas.

Symmetry in these terms leads us astray and creates a bias in our minds that may prove harmful at the least and catastrophic at an average. Two sides are fighting against each other on the basis of antithesis and false equivalency. With such a fundamental structural weakness, the arguments presented between the two sides are skewed and utterly pointless.

It's best if we evaluate ideas, thoughts, people, and concepts on their own and on their own merit. It will be harder to grasp but it will create better understanding that is clearer, truer that will be truly impossible to forget.

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