Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Would you like anything else?

"Would you like anything else?"

The barista at Starbucks asked me.

I came in to get a regular coffee and I was tempted to think about the delicious coffee cake now. 

Is adding more always an option? What if we flip the question.

"Would you like anything less?"
Is this new question better?

In many circumstances in this modern world, it is better. Our living standards have gotten higher. We live longer. We can get from Point A to Point B with much less effort. Health is abundant if one chooses. Food is abundant, healthy or unhealthy. Time, however, by design of the abundance of everything else has shrunk.

Time is a valuable asset, the most valuable in my mind. Protecting my time is much more important than many other endeavors. Using my time to an elevating end is my goal. It should be my goal. It is.

I can annihilate everything temporarily with the intention of bringing back the essential. I can slowly cut down the unnecessary piece by piece. The routes are different. The end is the same.

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